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Crowdfunding 2.0
As distinguished from classical crowdfunding or crowdinvesting where
the only resource for attracting sponsor investments is a crowdfunding platform,
with sponsors being motivated by contingency reward from the authors of projects
only, partner crowdfunding is a multilevel system where the main part is played
by Partners of projects simultaneously being coordinators of fundraising campaigns
and aggregators of investment flows into their administered projects.
The number of possible partners of every project is unlimited while
their interconnection and financial motivation based on the principle
of multilevel marketing makes the actions of every partner over-motivated,
which allows achieving of high rate of fundraising into any project practically!
Partners – driving force
of author’s projects!
Anybody willing can act as a Partner of the TurboCrowd platform.
By helping to turn promising projects into reality the most
ordinary people earn real money with this and even become
their co-owners in some cases.
Within just several weeks of participation with your simple
actions you will be able to direct millions of rubles into
your administered projects, to get constantly growing revenues
from the partner structure formed at that.
The concept of Partner crowdfunding is organized so that before
getting the status of a Partner of some project every participant
himself renders sponsor support to administered projects of his
partner structure as well as partners of these projects.
Thus, every time when somebody of the participants invited by you
renders sponsor support, your investment pool in the project
being supported increases and you simultaneously
get additional revenue.
Success of an author’s project
guarantees partners’ revenue!
Placing their projects on the platform the authors
can be sure that every project will get due attention.
Dozens of thousands partners throughout the world will
render you active information and marketing support
forwarding a multitude of investment flows to you.
We have already taken care of additional motivation
of the partners of your projects!
Apart from the rewards offered by you simultaneously
with the sponsor support provided to your project
every partner will get additional revenue.
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