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Partner crowdfunding
is what you’ve been looking for!
Simple earning for everybody willing
Without any special skills and knowledge
Real money daily
Constantly growing active and passive revenue
Socially significant activity
You will be proud of the results of your work
by helping people!
Anybody willing can build one’s own highly profitable
business on the TurboCrowd platform. By helping
to turn promising projects into reality the most
ordinary people can earn real money with that
and even become co-owners of these projects
in some cases.
Within just several weeks of participation with your simple
actions you will be able to direct millions of rubles
into your administered projects and to get constantly
growing revenues from the partner structure formed at that.
The concept of Partner crowdfunding is organized so
that before getting the status of a Partner
of some project every participant himself renders
sponsor support to administered projects of
his partner structure as well as partners
of these projects.
Thus, every time when somebody of the participants invited
by you renders sponsor support, your investment pool
in the project being supported increases and you
simultaneously get additional revenue.
3 (three) simple steps to big success!
Get registered with TurboCrowd
and get access to your account
By registering withTurboCrowd you become
a participant of a major international
project which brings together authors
of the most challenging ideas, creative
people and those who get to turn interesting
projects into reality through their
knowledge and active work.
Render sponsor support to seven author’s
projects offered to you by the system
This will entitle you to become a partner
of any author’s project. Now you will be
able to accumulate your own investment
pool in the selected project and
simultaneously to get additional
money rewards.
Tell people about interesting author’s projects
and the unqie opportunity of gaining revenue
By inviting friends to participate inTurboCrowd
you form your own partner structure which
will subsequently be both a source of author’s
projects funding and a constant source
of your revenues.
More detail about
how it works.
By getting registered on the TurboCrowd website you take a place
in the partner structure of the participant that has invited you.
If you get registered on the website independently (without anybody’s
invitation), the system will automatically find a senior partner
for you and will place you into his partner structure.
Rendering of sponsor support
The size of the sponsor support rendered by you is fixed and amounts to $100. This amount is equally divided among the partners of your structure
and their administered projects.

you send $20 as sponsor support to the address of the partner
that has invited you and his administered project.

$10 are sent to each pair consisting of partners and their administered
projects whose places in the partner structure are on the second,
third, fourth, fifth and sixth levels above you.

$30 are sent to the pair on the seventh level of the senior partner structure.

Congratulations! Now you can become a partner of an author’s project!
After rendering sponsor support you yourself get the right to select any project
you liked and to become its partner, which, in its turn, will allow sending
sponsor support from your followers to your investment pool of the project!
Invite other people to cooperate
By telling your friends and colleagues about interesting
author’s projects and possibilities of partner crowdfunding
you help the projects supported by you to create investment
flows and to launch a real chain reaction! Your friends
quite soon get followers who, in their turn,
get their followers and so on…
TurboCrowd partners are daily joined by new people.
The number of the participants of your team grows
fast throughout the world, and this process cannot be stopped!
Congratulations! Now you can become a partner of an author’s project!
Thus, by supporting author’s projects and forwarding numerous
investment flows to them you increase your own investment pool
in these projects and simultaneously create a reliable source
of additional revenues!
The number of the people whom you can personally invite
to cooperate is UNLIMITED!
The more participants get registered based on your recommendation,
the more actively your partner structure grows. You get money
transfers again and again and simultaneously increasingly much
money is forwarded into the projects selected by you!
Rewards for direct
sponsor support.
The TurboCrowd crowdfunding platform is universal
and does not exclude direct sponsor support
to author’s projects without participation
in partner crowdfunding.
In case if a visitor wants to render direct
sponsor support and to get a relevant reward
from the author of the project, he can do
that easily. While the partner who has invited
the particular visitor to come to the TurboCrowd
website will, in his turn, get a money reward
in the amount of 5% of the sponsor
support amount.
Annual rendering
of sponsor support
It should be noted that in partner
crowdfunding sponsor support
is annually rendered by every
partner. This condition
is necessary to make this
business process ongoing.
Owing to this more money is sent to author’s
projects every year while the partners’
personal revenues are annually renewed.
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